There was a time when we all wanted ducks or tropical fish bordering our ceilings in the Bathroom.  There was a time when Barbie Dolls with knitted skirts hid unsightly toilet paper rolls and crocheted toilet covers were thought to be cute ( I personally never thought that..I wondered what kind of person would actually think of crocheting something like that...I still do ) .

And once not too long ago our Kitchens were adorned with chintz curtains and borders of flowers and wicker baskets. And we rolled out laminate floors that cushioned any dropped object and kept our toesies warm....unlike the coveted ceramic tile that we walk on today that has helped create a huge boom in the rug department cuz you can't walk on the stuff without freezing your feet ,and if you drop something it shatters into tiny slivers that get caught in the damn rugs and stay there for six months. ( I think I'm a titch bitter )

We wallpapered anywhere else that wasn't pretty enough.  There were florentine designs in the Front Hall, aztec like patterns in the Livingroom to go with the unbelievably cushy gold and brown shag rug and graceful swans,stars and moons or racing cars circled our Bedrooms.

It was like we all lost control and had to cover up or stick something on anything that had too much blank space. No wall was left untouched.

Then there's panelling.  It started in the forties and we never got over it.  Right up into the eighties....if you had a Rec needed to panel it. Unless you did a mural of Niagara Falls or the forest, than you only did three walls. The colour was always the same....fake maple to go with the industrial thin brown and orange carpet stuck to the cement floor.

The freaky part is that not only do I remember this stuff but I still see it today.  And it's even weirder that some people continue to believe that wall murals of Sedona and borders of rubber duckies are a good thing .

If you're thinking of selling your home and you still have wall paper borders and fake wood's time to get a grip.  The stuff hasta go. And while you're at it....if your cement rec room floor still has industrial carpet stuck to it...spring for a sub floor or at least really good underpadding and berber carpet, hardwood or quality laminate.

Todays Buyer wants a clean property with freshly painted walls and upgraded flooring.  They want kitchens and bathrooms that are contemporary and finished simply.

But be careful...

Contemporary and clean doesn't mean sterile.  Too often recently I've seen homes that were staged to cold starkness.  Nobody lives there...and if they do....someone's stuffing them and their toaster oven in the attic when there's a showing. And folding the toilet paper end to a point in all of the bathrooms means hotel, not home. (This is also daunting for Buyers or their Agent who might have to use the facilities cuz really I can't always remember how the point goes and then EVERYBODY knows you've been there.) I give you permission to display a few choice family pictures... the kettle can stay on the counter and for my sake......let the toilet paper roll hang "au natural".

Next Time: Is it good to keep the glass tank with your lizards displayed in your Master Bedroom when you're trying to sell your home?