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The community of Bogart Pond has been my home for close to eighteen years.  After a very messy separation, my daughter and I moved here to heal....and I've loved this place ever since.

I call my home the treehouse because I can literally see trees from every window.  There is a real sense of having somehow escaped to some place in Muskoka here...even though you're right in the middle of Newmarket.

Every day I get to walk my dog along the wooded trails to the pond ...and beyond to the Bogart Mill Trail Condominium Building .  Neighbours greet us and share stories, I can hear birds and watch squirrels and rabbits go about their business and I feel my shoulders drop once again and I relax...no matter how tense the day has been.  

Every season is beautiful.  Every window has an extraordinary view.  Every home is remarkable.

If you'd like to know more about this extraordinary community of executive townhomes and condo apartments , please contact me.  


Take A Tour Of Bogart Pond.

Once you drive through our neighbourhood....you're gonna want to live here...Muskoka in the middle of Newmarket...feel your shoulders drop as you turn in...wave to neighbours walking their dogs...walk the wooded trails...this is home.