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Realtor.ca is a Multiple Listing Service set up for the public to use. It's not the system that Licensed Realtors use to make sure their clients are getting the information on listings that they really need in a timely fashion. You can go there now at https://www.realtor.ca...

When I put a client on a personal search geared to their preferences, I know they will be receiving ALL of the new listings that comes up within their search perimeter as soon as I see it. They will also receive any changes to that listing...if it's edited or drops in price, they will be re-sent the listing.. almost as soon as it happens. Sometimes with  Realtor.ca, information may not be posted immeditately. This can be very frustrating for clients because a listing will often be sold before the public is even aware that it was listed.

If you're serious about finding the home that you really want, please contact me and I'll set you up on a search based on your specifications.  

The search set up is FREE,  AND IT CAN BE STOPPED AT ANY TIME... the only catch is that I hope you'll let me help you when you're ready to make a move. No contracts...no gimmicks...just great information to help you make an informed decision when you're ready to buy.

Ready when you are ! Please contact me at sbrooke@rogers.com.